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Irish Moss

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4.00 Ounces
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Irish Moss.  Chondrus Crispus.  100% Organic, wildcrafted.

Collected by our biologist friend in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic.

4 oz resealable pouch.

Please note that seaweeds are part of the flora of the marine environment and that many animals make their homes in these underwater algal forests. It is quite common to find snails laying eggs on them, shrimp hiding within, moss animals growing their colonies on the seaweed fronds.  This is natural and how Mother Nature intended for these algal communities to exist.  Most seaweeds show signs of other organisms and this does not affect the quality, taste, or benefits. This Irish Moss has been culled for aesthetic purposes, but there can still be bits of shells, etc. in the product. So please be aware, and enjoy this wild, hand-harvested product of Maine.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review